Skia Design is strategic interior design company, as well as an event coordinating company.

That two pronged approach to interior design and small family and corporate events are meant to enrich your business and your life. We are a full service company that transforms and enhances your life, your business, and your outlook.

First, we create the office space and home spaces that help people live a more engaged life and work smarter and more ergonomically. Technology and business are becoming more complex. The lines between work and home often merge into one space. We design the space to accommodate the life style and the work style that you need and require.



We humanize products in a manner that is efficient for you, as well as ergonomic. We provide services that, because of the detailed research we do into learning what you desire and what you need, we find the balance between both need and desire and craft it into a perfect environment. The second half of our company is creating the events that drive and sustain your life. We bring you once in a life time experiences with the events we create.

The advantage of working with our small company is that we not only pay attention to the details but we pay attention to you, and your dreams.

Skia Design was founded in 2001, by two friends, Adele Dubois and Jacquelynne Verbek. We met in college and had a passion for art, space, and parties. One time they decided to go online and speel op de nieuwste 2021 gokkasten at slot planet casino and we won the jackpot at the spectacular event for casiny casino with a great casino bonus.

We were known for decorating the apartments of friends and family, not only with curtains and furniture, but with fine artwork to hang on the walls.

We incorporated art like one would incorporate fine spices to a dish or a fine beer to a meal.  Sometimes original art, and sometimes artful reproductions would be used to anchor and create a feeling and a mood.    We did events all over Belgium in various capacities from small children’s birthday parties to a corporate gala for a small company in Antwerp.   We began to formalize the business approach in 2001 and looked at the many ways we could serve and supplement others lives.

When we saw the need to expand and incorporate space and style in a more formal manner with interior design, we brought on Zurie and Elizabeth in 2009, to create a complete experience and a dynamic team. Later, Greszelda and Laurel were added as office staff.

We have become a forceful team of experts that work as smoothly as a Swiss watch timepiece.   We devote our time to learning the latest innovations in our chosen field to bring you the best.