Zurie Declercq studied Architecture Design and Technology at Université libre de Bruxelles.

She specialized in ergonomic She had years of experience in the catering business before attending school and creating a portfolio in home and business design. She brings a wealth of knowledge in a variety of industries. Zurie manages the office and home design aspect in the business, creating spaces that are beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, and functional. She also assists in creating work that enhances any event.


Adele Dubois attended Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, Belgium, and studied textiles where she met her life long friend, Jacquelynne Verbeke. She deftly handles all the decorations and invitations with a flair for creating artistic elements that enhance the experience. Adele studied the painting masters and can recreate many styles of art to transform your office or your event.

Elizabeth Ferguson travelled the world with her parents in the diplomat service and then with her husband. After being widowed, she decided to settle in Belgium as it always felt like home to her. She experienced many cultures and customs, and brings a detailed eye to the element of creating an experience, sometimes based on a foreign culture. She also understands the subtleties that make entertaining a foreign guest more comfortable. With a bachelor’s degree in accounting from University of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom

Jacquelynne Verbeke attended Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels and befriended Adele before running off to the Culinary Arts Academy in Switzerland to learn culinary arts at its finest level.   She not only mastered the art of fine cooking, but will also acquire entrepreneurial knowledge. Not only can she create amazing and delicious meal in a variety of cuisines.

Greszelda Verbeke is the sister-in-law of Jacquelynne Verbeke. She attended Boston University Brussels gaining a business education style of the U.S. main campus. She received a Graduate Certificate in Project Management in 2002. After working for Anheuser-Busch InBev, Cavalier Chocolate, and Confiserie Roodthooft, and the prestigious Vanparys. She came work for Skia Design in 2012 and has coordinated the many facets of our business.


Laurel Jacobs is a recent employee and is part-time. She pulls up the slack when life at Skia Design gets hectic. We are devoted to giving you the best experience with us. Laurel helps us by supplementing with an extra pair of hands.