Checklist events


Allergies and Food Preferences

When we send out invitations we use this as a time to check for any allergies or food preferences. With a community that is careful with the food they eat, either because of a choice like being a vegan, or a food allergy to nuts, we make sure your clients are taken care of and well treated.



Alcohol might be part of your choice to serve to your guests.    Beligium is known for the esteemed quality of their beers from the highly prized white beers with delicate citrus flavors to the more robust involving fruit added to the last formation to bring not only beautiful colors but lovely taste to the drink.   We can also discuss wine, champagne, and other spirits available.   We aim to find the beverage that makes your event sparkle and shine.

Food and Snacks for Volunteers

Do you have volunteers at your corporate or business event.  Even a small company runs on a small, but mighty army.   We make sure that they are added to the caterers list, and we also make sure that you budget in snacks for these important members of your team.


Dollies and Hand Carts

Moving things can be tough, we employ a small company to move things like event tents and furniture, however if you are doing some of this yourself we can also supply dollies and hand carts.

Event Agenda Management

 In the days leading up to the event, there are many small moving pieces and detailed aspects of the event  that need to be confirmed, addressed. or might  evenchange, we handle that with revolutionary software and personal attention to detail.   Are you flying in a speaker from an area with bad weather and have to deal with a delay?   Do you need to expand or contract the hours of the event? Or is it something as simple as adding a treat to the menu?  We hand it all from changing the schedule  anywhere it’s posted.   We also are availabl to providing transportation in a pinch.

Also, agendas change, we can set up a schedule to update your web and mobile agenda or update both at once .


Have you chosen that perfect enchanting space, only to discover that it doesn’t hold as many people as you want. Do you know the capacity of the room or venue where your event will be held?  We can limit overcrowding and also manage the number of guests.  If the venue doesn’t work for the size of party or wedding or event you are having, we can often find a similar place to match.


Whether it’s recorded music that streams or band, or a string quartet or harpist,  we have a strong list of performers at various price levels who can accommodate your need for beautiful sound.

Name Badges

Name tags  are sometimes are very handy, even at a large family wedding.  We have a calligrapher on our team who can give you beautiful hand done work, or we can print name badges if required.


Emergency Kit

Disasters happen.   They happen at corporate events, birthdays, and weddings.  Those little things can make the difference in stress and joy.    Of course corporate workshops will have different needs than a birthday party or wedding, but we can provide an onsite kit that might include the following

  • go bag for primary attendees
  • Moist towelettes
  • garbage bags and plastic ties
  • Extra batteries
  • Thread and needles
  • Duct Tape
  • Scotch Tape
  • Notepad/loose paper
  • Basic First aid kit for those minor bumps and bruise
  • Clorox pen
  • Local maps
  • Coloring books
  • Several stuffed toys


Communication with Speakers or honored guest

If you have company event we might be lining up speakers and presentors and collecting their bios and their session information.   For a speaker  or honored guest at a wedding we might be coordinating their trips

 Communication with Attendees

We know that sometimes there are those difficult attendees or relatives we can act as liason for you whether it is a corporate event or a large wedding.   Making your life easy.