Office design

Our services are tailored to your distinctive needs and create an office space whether it’s in your home as a home office, a small office, or something large for a team.

We believe a workplace should optimize the  space you’ve chosen,  promote communication, provide both subdued natural lighting and excellent artificial lighting,  foster collaboration in your team,  boost  your productivity, and ultimately enhance wellness. There is nothing more important than having a style and look that enhances your image as a professional.   Whether it’s a delightful throw back to Louis XIV furniture to a sleek and minimalist Swedish style, we look for the furniture that increases your branding as well.


The workplace is a evolving space that needs to work for you.  It is our profession to foresee what the future so you can have an elegant office that is at the  forefront of office design. We consider the well being of your employees, that way we can help you develop a culture that attracts great people and retains the best people. Comfort is the new trend. Adding some interesting additional like exercise equipment can make a difference in retention. Nothing like a wonderful lunch room rather than a crowded closet to enhance someone’s work day.

Our knowledge and insight are our strength in incorporating the latest office design trends in your environment.

Skia’s office design uses all the skills of our highly trained professionals when we create a collaborative work space that embues planning solutions.   We have a detailed questionnaire so that we can find you the highest quality office furniture products  that will provide comfort and delight.   We use innovative color schemes to foster creativity and productivity.

Our team strives to evaluate your site for the many opportunities it provides, assess your unique business objectives, and work within your budget. We then develop several layouts for you approval and present concepts that inspire you to work your best.

Our Services include:

  • project planning and design
  • procurement services
  • project management
  • furniture product acquisition and specifications
  • custom millwork when appropriate
  • unique lighting features
  • product design
  • installation services
  • relocation planning
  • move management
  • storage