Spectacular event for Casiny Casino w/ a great casino bonus

One of the first events that we have organized was a spectacular one. It was for Casiny Casino, an online casino with 150 employees. As you can imagine, it was quite huge. We had to split up the venue in three different areas; one for the casino lunch where it all started, one for the activities and the last one for the dinner. Casiny Casino had asked us beforehand to create something related to casinos, so that the employees that were working at the casino could enjoy it for themselves for a change. And also, to show them the appeal of a casino.

Real Las Vegas Show Girls

For the lunch we immediately started out with a bang. While it was being served, there was a show with real Las Vegas show girls. To make employees feel like they were in a real casino in the gambling capital of the western world. Just to increase this feeling, we served a lunch that you’d expect to find in a Las Vegas casino. As appetizers we served bread in the form of clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds. The other dishes were also served in true casino style, much to the pleasure of Casiny Casino’s employees.


Day activities

Of course we had to organize a number of activities that were related to the casino during the day. The first one was a quiz for which the casino employees were split in group of ten people. All groups had to choose a quizmaster and the others would be the contestants. Just like in a live casino. The casino employee that scored the highest number of points won a prize, the quizmaster with the best performing candidates scored a prize and the best performing group scored a prize. It was casino fun all around.

More active part of the day

The second activity was a bit more active. All casino employees were teamed up with a colleague they didn’t know with whom they had to compete in a race. The race consisted of running with legs tied together, obstacle courses and more of those typical team building activities. What was great to see is that this part of the day really brought people together. Friendships were formed between casino employees that didn’t even know each other beforehand. This only made the Casiny Casino family grow closer, which is exactly what we were aiming for.

Dinner time

The last part of the Casiny Casino day consisted of the dinner. Before this began, all of the casino employees were informed about the current casino bonus aanbiedingen, or casino bonus offers, just to make sure that everybody knew what was going on. After the necessary questions about the casino bonuses were answered, the dinner was started. Of course, this was a luxury, 5-star casino dinner that you would only be able to experience in Las Vegas. With that, some well-known artists came to perform to give the dinner that extra wow factor. This increased even more when every employee was offered a casino bonus in the end.

Your own casino event?

If you read this and think; this is what I want for my casino as well, you can always get in touch. But we also have a number of other casino related packages to offer. It mostly depends on the size of your casino and the number of employees. It is best to just come by the office or to reach us by phone so we can discuss the possibilities, pitch you a few ideas after which you can decide what you like best. We love and know casinos, so we are sure that we can make your casino love us!